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The engineers at Mohawk Technology develop control systems, automation software, reporting applications and SCADA systems. Our end goal is to deliver a reliable, quality, product to our customers.

Electrical Design


Mohawk Technology provides a world class electrical design, including panel layout, electrical schematic drawings, and bill of materials.

Industrial Control Panel

Panel Building

The panel shop at Mohawk Technology builds UL listed panels that are designed to match the customers specifications. The panel shop works closely with design and engineering teams to provide a premium solution for the customer

Process Conveyor

Process Division

Mohawk Technology's Process division provides our customers with excellent conceptual design, process design, process installation, and startup support.

What's Happening at Mohawk Technology?
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Fines Saver Room

The Mohawk Technology Process Group recently completed an upgrade to a customer's fines savers room. The fines savers were separated with independent control for production and cleaning to accommodate an increase in production volumes. The mix-proof valve cluster was also expanded with new AS-i bus mixproof valves.